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Katie Webber
The service that Pamela gave was excellent. The haircut was just what we wanted, and she really listened to us. She looked sooo cute after. Peaches and I are very happy, thank you. We would definitely recommend her to everyone.

Kelly-Ann Wilson
Fiveoclockdog the best place in town. This woman really knows her animals, and I mean all kinds. Great service and the best prices for the service you receive. Will recommended to one and all. Excellent training tips as well, this lady really knows her job.

Well yesterday was our second trip to Fiveoclockdog for grooming and it was just as fantastic as the last one, Darjeeling (our poodle) was actually excited to visit Pamela which is a first with a groomer/vet/dog sitter. She normally fights to stay with us as we leave (she doesn't like it when we leave her behind), but not this time! As last time, the grooming area was immaculate and the set up was very professional. Her haircut was trimmed and crisp as a freshly minted dollar. Darjeeling had another cute festive bandanna and smelled like a flower. I am never going through the misery of washing our dog again. She is usually very friendly except at bath time, then it is a battle for your life! Thank you Pamela. You've brightened my day once again see you again in a couple of weeks!

Jason Perrin
Great job on my dog, Pam. Excellent service, no rush to pick my dog up, and I know that she is taken care of because you are good with animals. Everyone cannot believe how wonderful she looks now that she has been trimmed up. I will definatley be booking with you again soon. Good luck, you will do well.

Thomas Devon
Beautiful job on my dog. It's the first time she's looked like this. Excellent clip, very clean and she smells great! Pamela is very kind and knowledgeable and the shop is spotless. I've found the groomer my dog deserves.

Just got home from picking up Scamper (white) and Tuffi (black) and have had a chance to really see them. We are so pleased with the job you did and Val (Scampers momma) was totally thrilled at how he looked. Neither of the dogs have been cut like this for a few years and we look forward to the next appointment with their new hairdresser.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy 2009.

I would refer Pamela and Fiveoclockdog to anyone who is looking for great, friendly service and a happy dog in the end. Oscar, our Cocker has a skin issue and we like to keep him short, but it is very hard to have short hair on him and look nice as he has many bald spots. When I picked him up from Pamela he looked great. Did not even look like he had a skin issue.
Thank you, so very much.
Oscar is very happy with his new look.. (So are his mommy & daddy.)

Meagan Sanderson-King
Pamela is an excellent and very professional groomer.
The service and the grooming our Standard Poodle received was exactly what we asked for and needed. I think it shows that she uses great care and kindness with the dogs she grooms. I would absolutely recommend Pamela to anyone who is requiring specialized or top notch grooming, or to anyone looking for someone who will treat their pet as wonderfully as they would.
It would be an understatement to say I am very impressed and will return with our pup.